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This is really hard to follow…


wtf did I just listen to…that was quite the ramble about LarimerCoin…


name a better project that Extremely rewards its holders, 0 fees, instant transactions., on and on and on…lets keep it real


Extremely rewards? They had four and a half billion in seed funding. That is the most any crypto project has ever received in history. The platform is not secure…


Instant transactions are common with many platforms. Nano, Dash ect.
Check out DASH you might like it
And if instant transactions are important, why not get a bitpay VISA, and just buy bitcoin or bitcoin cash and load it on your visa, and use it anywhere visa is accepted… can’t do that with EOS.
I could go on and on really, functionality NEO, ETH, ETC, all are less buggy, and have 100x more users and usability. Look at DanCoin’s other buggy creations…Dtube, Steemit, both so slow and full of bots they are frustrating to use… Bit.tube is much better in speed and usability than Dtube and I highly doubt it will be around 5 years from now.
Let me ask you this, what do you consider Extremely rewards holders? Are you brand new to this space?