- Peter Saddington Speaking on Community and Tokenization!



Hey guys! Today I’m talking on the tokenization economy and why community matters!





Get it. :muscle:t3::muscle:t3:


Sir, you crushing it.

7354 Subscribers on YEN

I see we will break 7400 today :slight_smile:

All best Peter!


Thanks for that note. Let’s see how many sign up after my talk!


We want to see your talk. Video please!?


Hard to follow this guy. He killed it.


Yea fuck it up peter!!! Man your really inspirational.


Hahah what a cutie…


get some! let’s do it. :hulksmash:


The world demands video! Peter on stage preachin the gospel of Community and Tokenization needs to be heard and seen by all! Lol


Got the video. Will edit and post today.


Yeah buddy! Always a great day seeing you in your element on stage. Only a Matter of time before TED Talk.



Here is the video of my talk with potato audio! -_-



Peter you are buff as shit. Man hitting them weights, what you benching now?


Lol. I’ve been into heavy weight lifting competitions in my younger years. Now I just maintain.


Proud of you, nr 1 saldkf fasdf