- Peter Saddington Speaking on Community and Tokenization!



Need a different tshirt for conferences, damn name tag is blocking the good shit, maybe have a chest plate on the heart


@HarryvdV where is your badge brother?

As a true OG…


If you mean my patreon badge, i think i was the 4th patreon member or so, then my credit card got stolen and therefore blocked and never bothered reactivating it again, i’l reactivate it once we’re on the plus again, i don’t mind paying if im up 100 000’s of USD, not when im down

PS: i never put OG in my profile, one of the admins did, like in real life you don’t call urself an OG, thats a tag other people give you


I know you would @HarryvdV
Sorry to hear about that loss!

P.S. You might not call yourself OG, but you’re are!


Haha, part of the game :slight_smile:


very noice presentation enjoyed it . its all about those gains yaaay