Etheal ICO [Peer-Reviewed Global List of Health Professionals]


This one is for health innovation enthusiasts:

Health startup Etheal is launching their first token sale mid-November:

A brief overview of the mission:

The Etheal team’s goal is to enable patients who are travelling or who have limited personal contacts due to a busy lifestyle or remote location, to quickly access specialised treatment. The Etheal ecosystem combines blockchain technology and its own dedicated HEAL utility tokens to incentivise patients to review health professionals in an automated, smart contract driven system. Doctors and specialists can then easily maintain an online reputation by embedding these reviews, which are stored on the blockchain.

The Etheal whitepaper:

And more information continuously added to the blog:

A really sharp and experienced team, including a miner of the Ethereum genesis block and 4-year cryptocurrency entrepreneur…An exciting ICO to look forward to!