Ethereum Classic and Callisto - Time to Buy More ETC!



new to etc but what is the best way to buy ETC. with ETH or LTC or how do you buy it?


You can buy ETC on most exchanges. Most exchanges are parring buys against BTC, but you can send ETH or LTC to the given exchange and sell it in BTC and buy ETC with your BTC. or are my recommendation for buying ETC.


so use exchange to buy BTC, I have (LTC) first and then use BTC to buy ETC?


or just use Shapeshift to go from LTC to ETC.


Got out on yesterdays high - i guess we will se big dumb today & the next days :thinking:


Why didn’t you stick around for the airdrop?


Is there any info yet on staking Callisto?! I’m contemplating buying more now.


Ahh hell I bought more anyway… :joy::joy::joy:


Did I miss something? How can i claim if my ETC is on my ledger nano S?


I’m not positive, but I think you would have to go classic ether wallet and access through that site using your key for your ledger


I sold my etc before the dump. Will try to buy back in once the dust settles.


Supposedly it will be distributed as soon as mainnet launches. I got my ETC in CEW accessed by ledger, checked and no callisto yet. People are saying few days to weeks it’ll appear or be accessible on CLO blockchain


Anyone else out there buying the dip? I sure am!


I think I won’t get it for a couple of weeks.


Got me another 10 ETC at these prices. :rocket::man_shrugging:t4:


No but it’s one of the only coins I didn’t dump


I’m DCAing 100 USD per day into it for the next ten days.


Looks like Yobit has Callisto listed already!


How do you DCA such low amounts avoiding high fees? GDAX?

@ALL - Where do you think is our next big support?


I look at my miners as DCA. I can change them around to point to what ever coin I want to any given day and consider it a DCA on what I earn.