Ethereum Classic and Callisto - Time to Buy More ETC!



I have my ETC on MEW and can’t be bothered to move it,hope I get the Callisto


If i sell all my etc today will i still get callisto drop since i had etc at 5.5 block?


Hey guys, use this link and enter your ETC wallet address to see how many Callisto (CLO) you will receive:


This link doesn’t look safe. Eh…


Haha ya I wasn’t bout to click that mumbo jumbo. But then again you would think they try harder to


Yea I can understand your concern due to the IP address instead of a domain name. However, it’s safe. It’s from a developer at GitHub on the main ETC thread I previously posted.

Other people in the thread used it successfully, as well as myself.


Alternatively, you can just get the snapshot file and search it like this guy did:


Isn’t it just a 1:1 for Callisto?


What does it means?
What are cons and pros about this?


UPDATE: The Callisto Testnet 2.0 was launched.

You can view your Callisto balance at the time of the snapshot in ClassicEtherWallet, or by entering your ETC address at the Callisto Blockchain Explorer:

Hopefully this address looks much more friendly to the faint of heart! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please note that all CLO on the Testnet 2.0 are test CLO and not the real CLO. The real CLO tokens will be issued at the launch of Testnet 3.0 which is scheduled for this monthend. These Testnet 2.0 CLO represent the amount of real CLO you will receive monthend, and are for testing and experimentation. So feel free to play around with them, as they will not affect your real CLO.


is this only for people who participated in ETC ICO?


No, only for those who had ETC in a private wallet when Block 5,500,000 was reached. Which was March 5th.


ETC down to pre pump lvl now … uhmmm


sweet I can see my CLO balance

How can anyone say no to free coins

so CLO is setup by Ethereum Commonwealth Team didn’t they raised whole bunch of money from like OMG, other ethereum based ICO companies a while back? maybe they used the money to stake CLO deveopment. I think there may be a flappening with Eth to ETC/CLO in the future

Once SEC hearing meets on wednesday requiring ICO to registered with SEC. ALl these eth ICO companies are gonna fall like flies


ETC… A bright future ahead?


Let’s hope so! But they also released an ETH fund. To hedge against 1 wrong bet?


Sooooooo…you gonna buy more? :thinking:


I did. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


I bought more as well.


Me too! Really hard to not pick more up at these prices!