Ethereum Classic and Callisto - Time to Buy More ETC!



1 ETH = 34 ETC currently. Good trade?


Haven’t bought any! I’m building positions in other projects at the moment… But it’s on the radar :slight_smile:


whats the general feeling on ETC atm ? does it look like testing 18k sats and later on 14k sats?


Anyone know the details on the Callisto cold staking? What and how you will be earning from it?


Just loaded up on some more ETC. This is exciting. Circle Invest has 5 coins on their mobile app. ETC is one of them. Also Grayscale has it as one of their funds. Clearly people know something …

@peter, I hope you see this brotha.


ETC is hardforking. This means current ETC blockchain won’t be reaching ATHs anymore or am I wrong?


The only thing it means is - miners will be able to mine it better than expected. No other differences and no new coins created etc.


Interesting… Didn’t know this was possible… Perhaps trying to win over more miners?


So there will be a new blockhain working under ETC coin without any coin separation okay. This forking is very confusing to me :laughing:


ETH did exactly the same thing not long ago. They had programmed-in a difficulty bomb as part of the long-standing move towards PoS and it was the gradually get miners to move away, but then when they decided to push the PoS timings out they had to reduce the difficulty bomb in order to keep miners on it.

So, yes - this is likely to be the same. They had the difficulty bomb planned but now need miners to stay so will turn it off at least for some time.


You don’t need to create a new coin when you fork. This is an internally needed fork in order to stop the difficulty ramping up, so they will just make the change to the difficulty and everything else will stay the same - it doesn’t need a new coin. ETH did this last year for the same reason.
A new coin is only needed if there’s a split in the reasons for the change - this is a normal thing that’s just about keeping the current project on an even course and not wanting to planned difficulty bomb to kick in and scare miners away.


Ah ok thanks… so it’s inbuilt in the blocks algo I imagine…

Sorry, playing devils advocate here :slight_smile:

The thing that gets me with ETC is there utility. It needs a purpose and that needs to be a pain or itch that is painful enough for people to care. Strong team and project it may be and potential angle of “store of value” could run but whereas for blockchain platform bandwidth you may need X coins/tokens to operate which in turn increases the demand, there is no such thing for ETC at the moment and (perhaps I am wrong) for the near future…

Don’t shoot, just justify!


Just bought more last night, oh-MA-MAHHH!! :palms_up_together:


Thanks @Lennytrader Yeah I was thinking NXT forking into Ardor scenario. Noted, coin split is not necessary with hard forks.


Its on the @coinpuffs Anyone receive their Airdrop?


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Hodl to the grave. And then some more.


Yes got mine have you got your?


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