Ethereum Classic and Callisto - Time to Buy More ETC!



I want ETC to succeed. But I don’t know about it superseding ETH.


Have you guys got your Callisto yet or know what’s happening? I’ve not heard any new news


You can view it on Classic Ether Wallet. You will see it on there once you “unlock” your wallet.

Here is the link:

Did you keep your ETC on a hardware wallet?


Ok cool, yeah I see it there now. Thanks!


You will need a few $ of ETH/GAS to send it anywhere.


I don’t have any of the Callisto in my wallet…and I was in during the fork no idea what has happened.


Which wallet are you holding it in? Did you use my link and unlock and click on ETC Vs the default ETH ?


Trevor / MEW classic


Done everything that I should however still no Callisto tokens. do you need to add a custom token?


Try unlocking your Trezor with but Im not sure it makes a difference. I have not had to custom add it. When i checked, it was there. Make sure you check off ETC because it is not set to it by default…

Make sure on that first link i sent you, you are on the CLO Network on the top right. Also i dont know how Trezor is, but with Ledger, we need to turn ON browser support on the device to see it/access it.


I can see my CLO balance now woohoo!


@peter your comments would be much valuable O’ great dodge lord…


Hey Pub,

If ETC is the true token, why is the fork (ETH) the token of choice thus far?


@peter thanks for the like, although an answer would be much more helpful… Or if this question has already been answered, where I can read or a link preferably…


It’s because eth has marketing and the alliance behind them. Money makes things happen fast.


@peter do u see etc reaching eth ath in the next bull run ?


Most people probably thought ETH was a great platform but it got too big and it’s flaws are now showing. Other platforms now know what not to do. Let’s see if they can handle the loads. :explopants:


Did you see it? I don’t know who is this guy but somehow made it to my twitter stream ,)


I see ETC taking the long hard road. It’ll be a while before it reaches capacity. It’s really just begun…


Thanks for the reply as I know ur a very busy man building all day every day much appreciated