Ethereum Classic and Callisto - Time to Buy More ETC!



Yeh. This will be their breakout year I believe.


My unprofessional guess would be $100 ETC by eoy. That’s a little more than twice its ATH of $47. So put a dollar in, get 5 or 6 thrown back at you. Not bad.


I really wonder the future of this coin! I wish I had a crystal ball.


I own a small amount of ETC. Is it too late to get Callisto?


If you had 0 etc before march 5th, then yes.


Figured that. Thanks.


@peter, which exchange allows you to pair LTC to ETC ?? I’ve tried Binance and Cryptobridge but they’re not available on those. Rather than check them all, I said lemme ask the TheDoge…


Swap to BTC first, fixed :slight_smile:


You don’t. Eth to ETC is the way to go right now.


Ergo, its gonna definitely be a loooooooooong HODL :hulksmash:


Hey @peter in your 2018 predictions, you pegged ETC to be $40 by eoy. Has your position on this changed? If so, what’s your new estimate?


$40? Man, I’m thinking at least twice that. Especially if it gets listed on Coinbase.


But again…I’m just a dumbass newbie so what do I know? :man_shrugging:t2:


Coinbase listing would definitely make it hit the roof! And its probable too…


It is probable. :thinking:


I mean why would they not? They already list ETH.


Because they take forever to list anything to begin with. But ETC is definitely a good contender for a listing .

#306 #classiciscoming Spidey Senses triggered my ETC FOMO , Wall Street FOMO Repeat w more media ie FINRA approval of ETC :star_struck:


Just posted the interview first!!!


Not bad. Legit. :astonished:
I can see all of this.

I think what I like most about his article is not his findings per se. but rather that people are actually digging into this stuff!

This means the tech is important! Legit.