Ethereum Classic and Callisto - Time to Buy More ETC!



now that Callisto is trading and for an absurd low price given the 1:1 ratio for every ETC, what should I expect from Callisto ? Its mineable too up to 6.5b and there are only 250m on circulation atm …

$0.022 atm … with that big mineable numbers and as soon as it gets mined. I’d think the price will dump even more?


Ethereum Classic Defuses “Difficulty Bomb” in Hard Fork

Ethereum Classic has announced the success of defusing the “difficulty bomb” that was found in the network code which was set to render mining unprofitable.

Ethereum Classic forked from Ethereum in 2016 over a disagreement surrounding the loss of funds following the hack which compromised the DAO, a smart-contract funding project. Most of the community and original developers opted to fork the chain in order to reverse the transaction and return the lost funds to Ethereum users, but others felt that the blockchain should never be altered, causing a rift and ultimately splitting the project into the two versions we have today.

Ethereum changed to the Proof of Stake system, which does not require mining, and implemented a feature designed to increase the difficulty of mining and receiving awards to incentivize developers to move from to PoS. Arguing that PoW is the most decentralized means of achieving consensus over block validation, Ethereum Classic developers currently have no plans to do that, and as such devised a new update ECIP-1041 which they scheduled to take place via a hard fork on block 5,900,000.

The fork has now been implemented, making it easier for miners to reap the rewards of validating transactions on the network.

Ethereum Classic
Bomb Has Been Diffused :bomb:

All nodes are required to update in order to continue participating in the new version of Ethereum Classic, as other nodes running the old version will be unable to trade the currency they receive as rewards. Developers say that most of the nodes upgraded before the fork took place. The fork has been in the pipeline since 2016, and was not particularly controversial – no significant change in market cap or currency value has taken place as of yet.

The latest safe block to implement ECIP-1041 would have been block 6,100,000, and the fork seems to have been implemented smoothly and without complications.


Does anyone have any thoughts on how this will impact mining profitability? Is this going to spike profitability or will this simply do enough to keep things as they are?


That would be about 20x from today’s price by end of year… d’oh! :-/


Saw this today in Wyoming while the train just started up and moving… Thought it was a sign or something :thinking:


Regarding Callisto? Bullish? Do tell :slight_smile:


How high do you think ETC will get after its listed onto coinbase? I got a few and hoping it’ll be over $100 each!


It’s probably priced in. :slight_smile:

If it pumps I’ll be happy for a stable price of $30-40 EOY, $100 is very optimistic.



Oh thats why the sudden pump


Coinbase made what it looks like a final announcement on adding ETC

//edit. @Genesis beat me to it


Aren’t they implementing the roll out of adding ETC to Coinbase in phases? My gut feeling is that with this sequential roll out, the price won’t moon shoot up in minutes, but days to weeks. Which I think it’ll be healthy for the market instead of Luke Skywalker bringing out his lightsaber from return of the Jedi because then we’ll quickly see Darth Vader’s lightsaber stab us downward.


Just stocked up on 100 ETC. Obviously late to the game on this one. Although small, I’m glad to at least be holding a bag of that ETC. :etc:


ETC is up on Coinbase Pro. A regular CB listing is set to commence in 1 or 2 weeks. Could be another pump inbound. BTC not looking too hot. Hopefully I can pick up more sub $17 ETC.


You’re finally early for something! Glad you got in after those previous airdrop misses.


Hey man that hurt! Lol. I’ve done very well stocking up on ADA and XLM. I did miss the Callisto airdrop months ago so that sucked. It’s all a learning experience. Just keep churning man.


Yep I remember. The truth might hurt, but dem gainzz sure wouldn’t! :sunglasses::moneybag::etc::rocket:


100 Callisto is nearly worthless. You bought in cheaper than anyone who jumped on ETC after Peter sold his LTC for it. Buy some if you really felt like you missed out… (not listed on coinpuffs…it’s really that irrelevant. ATM…)


Point taken. I really haven’t read into Callisto. Not sure what it’s purpose is but I’ll research it. I know there’s going to be a link between ADA and ETC. Hoskinson has been pushing ETC for quite some time.


Nearly every high quality project has a figurehead that touches their nose and smiles…big things coming…but will it outpace Bitcoin?