Ethereum Classic and Callisto - Time to Buy More ETC!



@peter Do you think there will be a dump just before and after the airdrop?


Well, we haven’t seen this before in ETC.
We’ve seen it in BTC… and it really didn’t do a whole lot when we had thse types of things (bcash).

I don’t worry about drops. Long term thinking removes me from those types of issues.


Is CLO the coin that will function as a store of value, since it pays dividends? Or both of them?
I’m a bit confused about this.


Stake that shit.
Earn that shit.
It’s a store of value IMHO… with opportunities to be even more as a protocol to run dApps!

It’s everything ETH should have been


Let me remind, CLO’s max supply is 6,5 billion.
Dump before airdrop? Probably not…

edit: max supply


Is there a chance ETC will fall after Callisto airdrop?
Same happened with NXT after Ignis airdrop.


I personally wouldn’t expect a “massive” drop if one happens. But if it does happen, I wouldn’t sell. I would continue to aggressively dollar cost average into it.


Actually NXT fell in price a few days before the air drop. But I believe the market cap of NXT was much smaller than ECT is now, so it was easier to manipulate.


Did someone say Korean BBQ? This coin has big potential. The question is how fast can you slam money into it.


But will everyone else know that?


I believe they will eventually and now is the time to get in.


That damned oversold RSI, tho… :etc:


Get those benjamin’s ready. Nonetheless, it is a long term coin.


The difference between this airdrop and the NXT airdrop is that NXT was pretty much going to be a dead coin after the airdrop since ARDR was considered to be NXT 2.0 and taking its place. So NXT really held no value, which is why it got wrecked.

With ETC though, there will probably be a dump before the airdrop, but it should recover eventually since ETC still has a bright future and Barry Shillbert.


Haha Barry shilbert :joy:

ETC: How do I claim Callisto airdrop?

Come to Vegas, we have some great korean bbq and then we’ll drive to LA for da best korean bbq.


Done. :sunglasses: :+1:


We’re looking good man! ETC has the perfect storm brewing for it. Their Reddit is full of life now, compared a month ago when I was buying in, that place was borderline dead.


"Screw the Korean BBQ!!
Ahgasshi Soju!!! Kamsamnida
Ill just grab 5000 Won of Yaki Mandu from the Nunna outside the main gate!"

God I miss that country… Been over 20 years since I was there. Some of the best times of my life!

Glad I didn’t miss the boat completely on ETC! Wish I had picked up a couple hundred before when I could earn a dozen a day!


Its alright, I just put in an order for my 1st etc…and yes its only 1 for now. lol