Ethereum Classic and Callisto - Time to Buy More ETC!



Only 499 more to go :sunglasses:


Is anyone swingtrading ETC? Is it worth it?


I did. Smashed all my LTC into ETC. Enjoying the ride :slight_smile:


If you dont mind me asking, are you doing any daytrading with it or just holding?


Just hodl for now. I’ve put enough into it.


My biggest holdings are ZCL ETC apart from btc obviously… I woke up pleasantly surprised. Haha


You guy’s invest in ETC for what exactly ? Hoping for ETC too go up in price and not get dump after the airdrop ? Too get Callisto coin from it ? or just HODL ETC ?
The airdrop look good but not worth it on a ratio of 1-1 when you see Callisto max supply is 8,5B Coins


I invested to hold it. For more than 1-2 days lol.


I don’t really care about the air drop.


I saw somewhere in this thread someone mentioned holding 500 etc, is there a point in holding exactly that number of coins?


Nah. It just means they are moon-shotting ETC


Not just me :shushing_face:


damn good ETC pump …


Question is, what’s next? Is da pump over yet?


Ok this may be a dumb question… Just read the white paper on CLO. Did I read it correct that it will also be a POW Eth based algo too? So we will be able to mine CLO as well?

Technical Details
POW Algo Dagger
Block interval ~15 sec
Block Reward 600 CLO (30% Treasury Fee)
100% Compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine
Max Supply 6,500,000,000 CLO


This is a good question. Max supply 6.5billion CLO and airdrop will be around 100million. (circulating ETC supply)
So, there is a way to mine CLO but didn’t announced yet.

ETC is nearby 37$…

I started to see a lot of wrong information about Callisto on social media. Most of the people thinks this is a ‘‘hard fork’’. I was thinking to this airdrop can not dump ETC’s value but now i’m not thinking like that. I think we might see a dumb after snapshot.


Just let ETC drop a little so I can atleast get 1 ETC. Its literally barely riding above my limit order…FML
Quit playing games with my heart ETC.

Update: Got my first ETC(lol), it was glorious watching it hit my buy order and then go back up. It literally tickled the tip and shot up bahaha


ETC downed to 33$ after my 37$ post. unlucky. :frowning:


Hey peter are you referring to the ETC “Emerald” wallet on Github?


I am enjoying the pump on ETC right now, it’s a refreshing change after all the hodling and waiting.

I’m planning to hodl this coin for a while. I’m curious as to what rest of you are thinking the price will be, or till what point to hodl.

My end goal would be to take some profits out to buy some BTC