Ethereum Classic and Callisto - Time to Buy More ETC!



Man, some of these BTC predictions are quite figure. I think $30-$50k would be BTC going on a rampage.


For me, at least until it hits $100, maybe even longer. I might do the same with icx, but that might take even longer.


Whats the general sentiment on Callisto? Who is planning on holding ETC to get the Callisto Airdrop and who is just riding the wave to take profits? I’m undecided on whether to hold them or now, interested to hear what other more established cryptotraders here are planning on doing.


Good to know, thanks! I thought Callisto was going to be a low supply, high value coin, based upon its cold staking interest earning principle. Guess not though.


The question is how many days before march 5th do we dump? :thinking:


@peter once said something along the lines of " WE DON’T DUMP, WE JUST PUMP’!!





Can anyone help me understanding a ETC wallet, please? I created a ClassicEtherWallet and linked to my MetaMask, at least i think i did.

I have ETC on Binance so, should i transfer my ETC from Binance to my MetaMask address?


you can also use for holding your etc - i recommend that if you already are using that.

else try to look here for your question, google is your friend


Has anyone tried the Emerald Wallet?


“Disclaimer: Please do not keep or transact more than you are willing to lose, and please be careful. Please use a hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano S together with Emerald Wallet. If something were to happen, we are sorry, but we are not responsible for any lost ETC.”

Doesnt make me want to download that wallet really…


Use the ethereum classic wallet for now. Emerald is still in beta.


Hodling etc in MEW will allow me to get callisto?


With the expected airdrop/fork happening March 2ndish, I’ve been watching the price and had to go ahead and buy that dip today =D I expect that the closer we get to block 5500000, from here on out, the higher the price will rise. Buckle up and pop some dramamine - not to be confused with drama or mining!


Could be a pretty solid call. I’m holding for now. Who knows?


Hey! So I’ve finally created a My Ether Wallet paper wallet, will it receive the airdrop?


send the etc into it first bro…


@Azim_Wenn thanks mate, that kinda goes without saying. I’m just not sure if there may be any issues with my ether wallet and the air drop of callisto. Air drop virgin here…


Do you need to have your ETC in a wallet to receive airdrop or can it be on an exchange?