Ethereum Classic Community YouTube


Decentralized TV’s Ethereum Classic videos are added to this ETC Community playlist. The mission is to create a massive playlist collection all about ETC, since ETC, the decentralized ethereum, has multiple independent teams it’s most practical to have a playlist library all about ETC. If there are any Decentralized TV videos all about ETC that are not in the playlist please comment them! If you know of other YouTube videos all about ETC, help this library grow commenting them.

The Playlist Library:

Feel free to Subscribe to all the YouTube channels included in this library. (ETCDEV, IOHK, Let’s Talk ETC, etc…) this playlist library is gunna grow - bruh.


Welcome! We love ETC!


That Ethereum classikuh


:etc: is part of my base investment group for the Loose Change Project Here on the Pub :beers: