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Cryptocurrency-related domain names continue to increase in value as interest in bitcoin and other digital currencies skyrockets. The most valuable site on the market may be, which can be purchased for $10 million and already has a $7.2 million bid. While that is the high-end there are several hundred cryptocurrency-related names selling around $1,000, up from just a few dozen last year. Some of the biggest recent sales include: ($125,000 in April), ($50,536 in August), ($48,888 in July) and ($28,000 in March). “The unfettered euphoria I see around bitcoin/cryptocurrency/blockchain reminds me a lot of the atmosphere I saw in the period preceding the dotcom bust around 2001,” said Ron Jackson, publisher of Domain Name Journal.



Damn. Those 1999 feels.


I knew a dude who had Pokemon offered him something like $1 million for it and he refused. So they sued him and took it for nothing. What an idiot!!!


How is that legal for them to sue him?, i think was sued by Nissan.

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They have copywritten the name so it is infringement. They made the offer because they figured it would cost that much to take it from him in legal fees.

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BTW domains! Did you see this on Vitalik’s twitter? It seems a big idea.

At DevCon3, I announced forthcoming support for claiming DNS domains on the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). This will make it possible to import nearly any internet domain name into ENS, and interact with it just as you would a .eth domain. Soon, you will be able to tell people “you can pay me ether at”.
Right now, this is only deployed for one internet TLD — .xyz — on the Ethereum Ropsten test network. Support on the Ethereum mainnet, and on more internet TLDs, is coming soon. Once everything is in place, we expect to be able to support the vast majority of internet TLDs — about 96% of them.

Vitalik Buterin @VitalikButerin Nov 12
Some ENS/DNS integration:

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