Ethereum Constantinople ETH block reward reduction? GPU miners affected


Alright guys, this scares me a bit, but I’m mining ETC all the way, but still scary. I’ve been reading about the difficulty bomb (probably pushed out to June 2019), ETH hard fork, reduction of block rewards to two ETH/block. Will this issue cause any problems to ETC?

I just got my rig set up and running this year with two EVGA 1080 Ti’s and four EVGA 1070s. Its a pretty sweet rig build for myself. Unfortunately because of the current market conditions, I’m getting little more than two ETC every 1.5 weeks in Hawaii. Currently drawing about 720 watts from the rig per HIVE OS and hashing about 221 Mh/s.

Fortunately my wife and I are installing 25 photovoltaic Panasonic panels for our new air conditioning system and to power up the house and of course this wasn’t for the rig, it was for home improvement. But when I start mining with using some of the power from the PV panels, I think I should be more into the positive ROI each month.

I’m still bullish on BTC, but decided to GPU mine ETC because I think its the most profitable for me right now and plus I believe in the project. However, I have friends and other people telling me that ETC is a shitcoin that isn’t going to improve and will eventually go downhill which I disagree. I am all for ETC mining and DCA $100 a week into BTC every Friday.

So I’d like to hear your thoughts about the situation and its future and what you are doing at this time to prepare for the future. I guess if anything GPU mining is absolutely bad for mining, then I’ll just use the cards to build a few new gaming PC’s for my family. :smiley:


I have a similar set-up 4x1080Ti and 6x1070Ti rigs. I used to mine with my gaming PC as well (1x1080Ti). I’m mining ETC, getting an average of 0.5 ETC per day. Not much.

I have 6kW solar system installed as well, so based on my calculations all those GPU’s make about $3-4 per day. Not really worth the power it’s consuming, but still marginally profitable in this current bear market.

As to your question on whether it’s a shitcoin, I don’t believe it is. It is listed on lots of exchanges and has good liquidity. Handy if you want to cash out into fiat.

If you’re into HODLing your ETC for a few years, then I think the risk reduces. I would wager that ETC will still be around and that it will also be worth more than it is today.

Based on what I’ve read, ETC is better than the average shitcoin out there, all ETC has to do is survive. Even the shittiest shitcoins will gain value on a bull run.

TBH, if I could sell my GPU rigs I would. Better off buying Bitcoin or mine with ASIC miners.


I’m on the same boat as you believing that ETC is not a shitcoin and that it has a bright future despite people thinking the developers are moving away from the ETC project. What do you think about Ravencoin? Worth it to mine and any future potential? I see online people raging about mining RVN and that its very profitable to mine but I plan on HODLing my coins for long term and my gut feeling is that ETC will be the best long term project that will rise in value compared to RVN. Thoughts?


I did mine RVN for a short while, but could not be bothered signing on to an exchange to to sell them, so I deleted the wallet.

I don’t know much about RVN. Could be worth the HODL and hope it gets listed on an exchange with decent volume one day. But I’m wary of mining coins without good trade volumes.

I have a bag of Bitcoin Private coins. I think that will be HODL to zero.