Etherum Mining overclocking 1080 GPU's

Hi All,

I have a 6 card rig that I just recently got up and running and I am looking for some guidance in overclocking the GTX 1080’s. I am running EthOs so there is no easy GUI to run afterburner. I can type in the CLI for GPU speed, temp, etc…
Does anyone have any guidance as to how overclocked I can get them? I’m currently pushing a fairly consistent 150Mh.



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I don’t have any experience with EthOS, but I’ve got a couple 1070s that I use for mining. If I’m doing pure ether mining, I set it to -200 core and +600 memory, and I forget the exact power limit but it’s pretty low. Actual wattage is around 120 I think. I set the fans to a static value, depending on your card you will have to play with it. I try to keep my cards under 70 Celsius.


Each card is different so you may have to slightly modify each overclock. I’ve been using ASUS’s Tweek software to modify our cards.

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I am using ethos as well and attempting to overclock currently. First I am starting with my less expensive 1050 ti cards to be sure I am doing it right. But here is my experience so far.

I ran a gethelp to get the diagnostic report and then was able to copy the safe values it was running at.

Then I am using the local.conf to adjust the mem value up per card, setting the rest to their safe values.

I have not messed with any other setting.

I am getting some more action for sure off the cards, but I am not sure if I should be adjusting anything else yet?

How did it turn out for you @Supermaham?


Update: I lowered the value for core and my hash rate went down so i reset to default. I have given all the 1050ti cards a mem boost to to 4400, and then i added +400 to the 1080 ti and crashed :slight_smile: After reboot though it is stable, for now. If it stays up no problem until tomorrow I will up it again.


I have a mix of 40 GTX1060/1070’s and I use SimpleminingOS and overclock / undervolt them all via the cloud interface.

It’s really easy. I have Ethos but don’t use it these days apart from to setup/troubleshoot rig builds.


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