Europe Travels :: Credit Card / Hotspot / Sprint mobile / cheap places to stay (family) / Tips /


Hello Bitcoin Pub Family,

I have some questions and I know this community is very smart and wise.
Even if you can only answer or comment on one, that is great!
Thank you in advance for your help.

Credit Cards
Looking for the best credit cards to use while traveling in Europe.

I plan on using it for a while, a few weeks. So, it would have to be reasonably priced. Any experience using a Hotspot in Europe?

Anyone here have experience using Sprint in Europe?

Cheap places to stay in Europe
Any tips on traveling with a family of 4 in Europe?

Car Rental
What has been your experience to rent a car in Europe? I’m not likely going to do this, but thought I’d ask.

What are the chances I’d find some places that accept crypto in a useful way in 2019? One can hope.