European union about to implement new crypto laws?

I had an mail conversation with a Swedish bank today. The bankman wrote that the European union is about to implement stricter laws that regulate trading with crypto currency’s. One of the suggestions is to completely prohibit trading with currency’s that are not traceable. I don’t how they would implement this, but what would happen if they closed down marketplaces? I am not sure that this is necessarily bearish for crypto, it could have the opposite effect. I personally, at least, am actually thinking about putting more money into Monero after I heard this. What do you think would happen if they implemented this law? Which crytos, if any, would benefit and which would be harmed? And why?

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I found this to be a good read on how blockchain implementation can be used for the betterment of society. I love Estonia :heart:

A tenet of the Estonian system is that an individual owns all information recorded about him or her. Every time a doctor (or a border guard, a police officer, a banker, or a minister) glances at any of Piperal’s secure data online, that look is recorded and reported. Peeping at another person’s secure data for no reason is a criminal offense. “In Estonia, we don’t have Big Brother; we have Little Brother,” a local told me. “You can tell him what to do and maybe also beat him up.”

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