EVGA 1070 SC and SC2 Ethereum classic mining overclock question


I’ve been searching around and reading various posts about overclocking. I am using HIVE OS and have been over clocking in the HIVE OS overclock section. It seems to be doing good so far. I’m trying to get at least 30Mh/s on ethash to mine Ethereum Classic and I have no idea what I am doing despite reading posts because there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut answer. I am hobby mining.
I have four of these 1070 cares, two SC and two SC2. A few questions.

  1. Why do people go negative on core clock? Such as -100, etc. What is the max you should go negative or positive? I currently have it at -100.
  2. The max power draw on these cards are 170w. What is the optimal/safe watt to be at or set a limit to while trying to get at least 30Mh/s? My power limit in HIVE OS is set to 136w.
  3. I currently have the memory clock at +800. What is the safe/optimal limit?
  4. My Mh/s went from 106.8Mh/s to 119Mh/s with the above settings. What is the safe Mh/S can you get to with these cards?
  5. I just bought brand new EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 from Amazon and BHphotovideo for around $669 each, I plan on turning on the switch in HIVE OS to use the ethenlargementpill. Is this pill safe for long term use?
    Sorry for the many questions, but I’ve been researching for hours and just thought its time for me to ask the community! Oh I am still waiting for my Molex to 3 pin connector for my mining rig frame fans (I have 5 attached together). For now, I have a Vornado 753 at level 1 at night and lever 2 during the day to keep things cool in Hawaii. :slight_smile:


You need to go through and read our mining guide in this section.

You keep asking what is the safe level of this or that. That question is misguided as the cards will protect themselves you can’t actually ruin a card by moving sliders in MSI Afterburner, SMOS, or HiveOS. All these do is say if you can run at this level then run at this level. Often times say in SMOS or HiveOS you set the power to say 65W on a 1070 it will draw the minimum power needed to run say 130w or so.

Why are you so stuck on 30MH? - different cards are going to get different hashrates cards with in the same brand and model can get different hash rates. You have two options here. 1) Get the most hash rate and forget about power usage. This option is chose by those that are not watching price action now but just want more coins because they think the price will be X later. 2) Get the highest hash per watt that you can. This is the one that I would suggest using. If you choose this option then throw what ever ideal MH/s you have in your head out the window and start doing the math. Divide your MH by your power usage and dial everything into its optimum settings to where you are getting the most hash per watt.

There are clear cut answers to most of your questions as most of these questions or some form of them have been asked here. If you are not seeing a clear cut answer then you are doing or worrying about something you shouldn’t be or it isn’t necessary to worry about it.


Thanks for an awesome response! I will try to soak that into my brain. :slight_smile:


No problem.

A lot of the optimal and/or safe questions you have are completely subjective to yourself and or the goals you are trying to accomplish. If you get through the guide and have a specific question ask we are more than willing to help. I know my above answer may have been a bit short but I really can’t answer with out know your goals.

My miners are going to run until they die. So I am setup for performance/watt with an emphisis on lowering fan speeds and power consumption to increase the life of the cards. I run 65% power 45% fan speeds and then OC until I find my cards optimal spot. This is doable as a hobbyists but as you scale up you will find conservative settings that work on all of a certain card type (ie 1070, RX580) then just apply those settings. You bypass finding optimal settings to save yourself time in getting things up and running. In a way at that stage you are after quantity and not quality. As a hobbyists with just a few cards we are going after quality.

Hope that makes sense.


Ok so I think I got the perfect set up for myself. I’m using HIVE OS. This OS has some awesome and convenient features including a button to turn on the ethenlargementpill when I get my 1080 Ti’s in. Anyway, I have power limit at 76% (based on the 1070 SC and SC2 cards total power draw is 170 watts per EVGA website), fan minimum set at 35% which keeps my cards cool in 55C to max limit of 65C, which then the fans are on auto and they adjust speed based on temperature limits that I set. Max power draw is set in watts in HIVE OS at 130 watts. With these settings I’m getting 30 to 30.2 Mh/s. Which I think is pretty good. Sometimes it fluctuates in hashrate to 29.XX Mh/s. With a large vornado fan I got from the navy exchange blowing at level 2 setting underneath the rig (its sitting on the third level of the shelf bought from Amazon basics) with the Veddha mining rig frame with 5 Corsair AF120 LED blue fans blowing at the 4 cards (two 1080 Ti’s on the way).

I may drop the power consumption to 70% to see if that will affect my hashrate. If not then great, I’ll be running at no more than 120 watts per card setting. So far I’m happy since the max Mh/s with 1070s Ive seen online was 31 Mh/s.

I read about the load average (I guess this is in regards to Linux?) on the CPU at 1, 5, and 15 minutes. I thnk its best to keep the load average in each respective timeframe to less than 1? Please correct me if I’m wrong or reassure me that I’m right. I notice that if I bring down the power useage in watts, the load average goes up, is this because the power comes more from the CPU now?


130W sounds too much. I feed my 1070Ti cards around 100W each, while getting the same hashrate. CPU does nothing.


Wow you’re a life saver! My heat temp went down a lot and I’m hashing the same rate with less power use. Thanks! I just had a DUH moment. I was able to turn off my Vornado fan and at room temp I’m getting 57C-60C with just the mining rig fans!