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Come on Peter, really?

I understand you have to grow but having your" comic relief" stream making jokes about Pearl Harbor being an “accident” was just a bit too far my friend. I’m sure many found it very disrespectful and down right disgraceful. I don’t chime in much but man, that is some BS bro. I expect more from the people you chose to represent your brand. I only want the best for you and your products. Live long and prosper my friend.

Rant complete,


Peter was making jokes of pearl harbour? If so that is very low, and my respect would be tarnished for the man.


What was the joke?

I ain’t gonna judge, I’m ex military so no joke offends me. Just being nosey :joy:


@Leo_Beal no, not Peter. It was some other guy on the A Bit Too Far LIVE STREAM - Christmas has arrived and it’s time to LIMBO!!! How Low, Can We Go!? stream.


@peter has no control over the words spoken by content producers. DCTV appears to be his channel, but it’s becoming a decentralized content network. This type of complaint was bound to surface, but it should be directed at @GrammatonCleric (it’s his show), if at all.


Max you never told me your was military too, what cap badge mate?

We’ve just had a 4 mile stretcher run, was fucking howling! :joy:

Still on for tomorrow, but the girlfriend is kicking up a fuss so we’ll see :expressionless:

Oh okay that’s good, I didn’t think peter would do that but that guy is a idiot. All up for jokes but I sometimes get a bit funny when it’s about people who have fallen.

Anyway onwards and upwards, btc probably going lower but be careful because if we eventually bounce it could be quite big IMO.

But that being said what do I know, everyone is always wrong and btc just does exactly what you think it won’t!


Am ex raf regt mate :joy:

Did a couple tours, went to Cyprus for a bit, best years of my life most of it.


You said “A Bit Too Far” lol!

As far as the jokes are concerned, you can thank Reddit and their crappy algorithms that ranked such a shitty joke. I just used a software to aggregate what’s been ranked as the “best jokes of the week” and had them imported into a google drive document for me to read Live on stream.

The show is called “A Bit Too Far” because a someone who is former Military, I was a Navy Corpsman with the Marines (notice the hat I sometimes wear on stream), very little offends me.

If you’d like to hear an even worse joke, I read one Live on my podcast that I afterwards referred to as a Dead Baby Elvis joke that bout pissed me off.

Still, reading jokes live, without proofreading them before the show is a lot like the few times Peter would read an article for a news piece only to find out half way through that it was a marketing shill with no real news.

Not everything is gonna be a homerun.

That episode certainly wasn’t. Not my best performance, but be glad! Youtube forced us to take it down because of the one part of the show I was most proud about, and I didn’t even get a chance to review it to see where I could do things better for the next show.

But if you’d like to hear better jokes on the stream, perhaps starting a joke or comedy thread here in the pub is something to consider. Maybe make a competition about it to see who’s joke gets the shout out.

I dont know. After all, it was only the second episode, and just like everyone else when they first started contributing to DCTV, I suck at it right now. But with practice and experimentation I’ll find a groove that works. Or not.

Help a brother out and create a joke thread here in the pub or start leaving jokes in the comments section of the previously recorded A Bit Too Far episode on DCTV.

I can only get better with all of your feedbacks.





Looking good bro, where are you there? Afghan?

This is my most recent, 8mile cross country race leading the way. I’m on the right!


Yeah mate Afghan, did two tours and then went to Cyprus :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad I don’t do that anymore :joy::joy:


Gutted i couldn’t make today by the way, I honestly tried to get there. But with not having seen the GF in over a month and now won’t see her again for a while, I had to commit to this weekend.

She’d of had my balls in a rack otherwise :joy:

Did you go?


Totally understandable mate. But yeah I went, couldn’t not after organising it. Was a good day, I’m going to try get one set up after feb :slightly_smiling_face:


Strong effort!!
Never got out to Afghan but travelled a lot, no doubt Russia will be next :expressionless:


Definitely an experience. Was shit but something in the back of my head always tells me I’d love to go back,


Renamed this cuz… that’s what it’s turned into


This happened almost several 100 years ago, don’t pretend like you were there mate, after some years you should be able to make a joke about it


South parks take on Jeff Bezos :joy::joy:


I will be there @MaxP



Nice one pal, I’ll get Christmas over and done with and look to plan the next :slightly_smiling_face: I’m in London on New Year’s Eve if anyone is about