Excel based crypto tracker

Hey Cryptonaughts,

I have put together a excel based crypto tracker based on the Bittrex API. Keeps track of current trades as well as historical ones. It currently runs in USD / BTC but i do pull in various exchange rates including EUR and GBP so wouldn’t be hard to change currencies. It does run various macros so Excel may well pop up with a macro security prompt.

One cool feature is it records and tracks the BTC price at the time of purchase so it gives a better insight into potential profits later down the road. also has various reports to show profit / loss per month & year which all could be expanded on if so desired.

I use this everyday for a spot of day trading as well as my HODL list, its self built so don’t be too surprised is you find any bugs but I’ll help out where i can to fix them. I’m no excel guru but i do like my charts :slight_smile:

This is the download link as the pub doesn’t allow the uploading of Excel files

Enjoy and see you on the moon…


well you might have forgotten the download link?


That sir is a very good point… DOH… :roll_eyes:

here you go… https://1drv.ms/x/s!AsmJOZx1yaFVbeBo1uVw-kZbYd4

Edited the share to read only as some visitors were editing the file online with there crypto listed… doh… download the file guys


Where is the “Update Crypto Values” button…I must be blind lol

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