Excellent opportunity to learn How to Deploy a Smart Contract on XDC Network

On Friday the 22nd of May. Confidence Nyirenda will be doing a Live Webinar at 2PM GMT.

About this Event

The motto behind the webinar is to educate people on How to Deploy a SmartContract on XinFin XDC Hybrid Blockchain Network.

Article: https://medium.com/xinfin/deploy-smart-contract-on-xinfin-testnet-through-xinfin-remix-and-xinpay-dfbbf9dcc3f7

Topics covered:

  1. What is Blockchain?
  2. The Types of Blockchain i.e Public, Private & Hybrid Blockchain
  3. Why you should you should start using blockchain as a company, organization or government.
  4. The Benefits of using XinFin - XDC Hybrid Blockchain Network
  5. How to deploy a smart contract on XinFin - XDC Hybrid Blockchain Network
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