Experience of "sell now buy lower" when the price down


can anyone share your experience or how to manage the feel when you see the price is down, and you always thinking to sell now, and then buy at the lower price.
But, there is no one know how the price will go. It can be up when you sold your coin, or it will go as your wish.

For my experience, I always fail to attempt this plan. sell at the dip and buy more at the higher, or didn’t sell and the price go more and more down. :frowning:


I have been hodling all my coins for the past 4 months or so. But I have been getting pretty good at reading and calling when I should sell and rebuy back in. Like the other day with vertcoin, ive been holding for a few months and noticed how much it rallied. I was about to sell at $4.50 but decided not to because I like holding for long term (as part of my strategy) .however, I could have made a decent amount of money because the next day it went back down to $3.00 or so and it would been nice to buy back in there. Oh well.


I’m so glad you’ve reached out. After you’ve received replies - if you’re still feeling uncertain. Please let me know, ok. :grin:

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Simple. Just HODL , easier said than done though!


Unless you are a professional at doing this and have proven to yourself to statistically have an edge or advantage over the market in this department then chances are you are just guessing and your chances are no better than a coin toss in selling and buying lower. If anything its going to toy with your emotions and you will make even worse decisions as a result.


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