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I would love to do something to get the word out about CryptoYum and Coinpuffs at our Decentralized Art Show this Saturday - - what if we had a cupcake table??
@peter @john


Having cool swag would be dope! Food? Always wins…


Right lol? I have Lauren putting together some cupcake toppers with the cryptoyum logo on one side, what should we put on the other side? A name or website or something to describe what it is …


Is it too late to get some stickers for it?


How convenient, your logo is a food item, a cupcake no less! :sunny:

When I think of coin puffs, I can’t get the image of a mini cereal box (like those combo mini box cereals they sell around summer time) out of my mind. Those would be a killer swag item!


Not too late we can print them, just need to figure out what to say - just cryptoyum.com or something more?


We could prob do both logos, some of each? What to write on the stickers, the website or?


I’m one for keeping it simple.
There’s also the business card I made a while back.


This is perfect! Thank you :rocket::star_struck::+1:





Cupcakes were a hit - Thanks for the support fam! :smile:

Decentralized Art Shows at SXSW- Crypto Summit After Party!