Favorites suggestion and possible add on idea



Hey @peter,

Its not too big of a deal but would make things a whole lot simpler and faster for people when you go live. If you were to make it on where you can select multiple coins on the main page and add all of them at once to the favorites page. Instead of having to select each, click add to favorites, click back to home page , find new coin, and repeat process. Maybe if you had a check box on the left where you can select multiples and add to favorites?

Also while typing this I thought of another idea that would be cool. What if you integrated that check box to have a compare option ? Say the max you can select to compare would be 3 , you check the box of 3 different coins and then your compare button becomes active, then upon selecting that it would then tile those three coins side by side with price , graph , trend… etc. Maybe people would like that ?



Sweet! We’ve gotten similar feedbacks. IN the backlog!


kinda … did it:

but, i’ll see if we can make this more fluid.

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