Fear Not DCTV Fans! DCA Adventure is Here for All Your Crypto Youtube Needs and Celebrations!

Missing those Friday Night Livestreams with DecentralizedTV? DCA Adventure has got you covered! 2020 is around the corner and some of your favorite Correspondents from the DCTV Team of yesteryear decided to keep the band together and keep the show on the road!

Familiar faces AND some New ones are bringing you the news on what’s happening in the crypto space with a whole new Crypto-Centric Youtube Podcast show, bringing back some of your favorite shows with a new spin! Your favorite Friday Night Livestream and Saturday Night’s Mining After Dark, as well as a host of new shows in the making, you’ll get to see CryptoMykel, Nemisit, and GrammatonCleric as well as some new yet familiar faces, Gundy, Hexdek, Jay, Trekk as well as the Lovely Itzel and Liz bring the house down with awesome content every week on youtube as well as some of your favorite podcasting platforms!

You can catch a glimpse of them in this short clip on their DCA Adventure Instagram

Don’t miss their New Years Eve Livestream happening TOMORROW NIGHT! Subscribe to their channel and make sure to get Notifications so you don’t miss out on the DCA Adventure New Years Livestream Party! Alcohol will be involved and… Who knows… There may be punch n pie.

Subscribe to the channel at the link below!


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