First mining rig, need assistance



Hello all, I am mining for the first time and am running into some issues. I have ASUS PRIME Z270-P, four EVGA GTX 1070 GPUs connected to 8 pin and 6+2 pin splitter, all the necessary ubit PCIE risers, 1600W EVGA Platinum PSU, USB stick with HIVE OS to use, ethernet cable connected, pentium G4400 pentium processor, 8gb DDR4 RAM vengeance LPX, and everything seems to be turning on including the GPU and motherboard and CPU, the lights on the motherboard and GPU turns on, fan spins for a few seconds then stops. I’m trying to connect my DVI-D single link to the motherboard’s DVI-D dual link and nothing is showing up on the screen. Could the reason be the DVI-D single link to Dual link? I’m sure I installed everything physically right. The PCIE risers LED lights are green and the CPU fan is spinning continuously.

I’ve spent all day trying to figure it out but can’t. I saw online that I need to update the ASUS PRIME Z270-P motherboard bios, but still can’t see anything on the screen and the GPUs stopped spinning after a few seconds of initial start up. I tried connecting the DVI-D from the monitor to the motherboard DVI-D connection and then to each GPU respectively by themselves with no luck.


The PCI-E risers are unplugged for now because I tried starting up the update bios view from the monitor but no luck. I’m gonna replug in the PCI-E risers now. The SSD isn’t connected because I thought I could get away with just a USB Hive OS install.


Are you using MSI Afterburner?
If not download it as this should fix problem


Is that compatible with my stuff? When I download it, do I install it into the rig with a usb? I can’t even see anything on my monitor. Nothing is coming up and no signal is showing up on the screen.


Yes, it controls your GPU settings…
Usb or download will be fine


Ok tried to reset my CMOS. Took the battery out of the motherboard for over a minute instead of 15 seconds. I put it back in and reset my motherboard and still nothing…the DVI connector is connected to the back of the motherboard and not to the GPUs. I really hope its just the DVI-D connector to the monitor issue. Since the monitor is a older monitor with appears to be a DVI-D single link and the mother board as well as all my EVGA GTX 1070s are DVI-D dual links.


Tried checking the cpu and it’s placed correctly. Checked all connections for cpu and motherboard power, all good. Tried connecting one PCI-E first then restarted, still no good. Why is it so hard to get a mining rig up and running? Is the Asus prime Z270-P not a good motherboard?


I would plug the SSD in, 1 GPU, and then see if you can view the screen. If none of that works, then unplug the GPU and plug straight into the motherboard.


OMG its working!!! I disconnected everything, added only the monitor, shut down, powered up, then added keyboard, then updated bios, then added on mouse, then added each of the four GPUs with repeated shut down and power up after each action. This worked. I think the biggest issue was my old DVI-D single link monitor. I hooked the miner to my LG gamer monitor with HDMI and I saw the ASUS bios screen and my heart was beating rapidly. Thank you everyone for your great assistance!!


I have another question, is it ok to plug in my mining rig to a power surge protector and my xbox and other small stuff like gaming monitor, iPhone charger on the same 3996 joule rating surge protector?

Should I leave the kill a watt meter in the wall or is this just for temporary monitoring? This thing takes up two of my wall outlets!


The kill-a-watt monitor is temporary. I would assess the power draw of your mining rig only for a few days, then remove it.

The surge protection for your Xbox and iPhone charge is fine.


Thanks so much for your input!! My miner is working now and I’m well below the max wattage of 1600watts and I’m at 625w when everything on the power surge protector is on to include two fans, Xbox, gaming monitor.


Ok so since I got two Nvidia EVGA SC 1070 and SC2 1070 cards, total four cards, I am thinking of investing into the EVGA SC2 1080 Ti cards. I was going to get two more cards at most to fulfill my rig that can hold 6 cards. For now though, I am looking at getting one EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Gaming from amazon for $768.89 or should I just get two more EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC2 Gaming for $399.99 each? I’ve been looking at the power draw in watts and the Mh/s for Ethereum classic mining. Currently on HIVEOS using Ethermine I’m getting 27.76 Mh/s per SC2 1070 card drawing roughly 125w each and read that the average Mh/s on the 1080 Ti is around 32 Mh/s with a total max 250w power draw (according to amazon). Though I am hobby mining, I want to get somewhat serious about this with max 6 cards in my rig. I have a 1600w EVGA platinum PSU.


My 1080Ti rig averages around 50-51 Mh/s on Ethereum Classic, drawing around 210W each. Using SMOS and the OhGodanETHlargementPill, link below:

Personally, I would sell my 1080Ti rig before selling my 1070Ti rig. The 1080Ti rig is an absolute power hog.


So I took the jump on the 1080 Ti’s despite new 2000 lines coming out.

Nothing is more satisfying than building your own 4 card rig to hash out over 50mh/s with evga 1080 Ti SC2 with ethenlargementpill in Hive OS. Just ordered two more 1080 Ti’s to total a full 6 card rig a couple days ago on amazon and BHphotovideo when it was around $669 brand new. Now price for these cards are back up again! I know the new 2070, 2080, and 2080Ti’s are coming out real soon but with the Ti line, just thought this would be the best fit for my use for a while. I think the 1080 Ti will outhash the 2070s…in my opinion after doing some googling. Now I have two 6 card rigs. :). I think that’ll be all for me…don’t plan on having a farm.


Too bad you live so far away, I would have sold you all my 1080Ti cards at half price. They barely make any profit after power costs.


How many gpu units do you have to sell? What’s the brand and model?


I have 4 for sale.

MSI GeForce GTX1080Ti DUKE OC 11GB GDDR5X DVI 2xHDMI 2xDisplayport

Postage from Western Australia is going to be a killer. So I’ll be trying to sell locally.


Roger that Seikin! Yeah shipping will be a killer to USA. Because of their power draw, would you say in your area, the GTX 1070 Ti is more efficient than GTX 1070 with same or lower power draw and higher hash rate? I live in an area with higher than average electrcity costs, Hawaii. I know I know, its too expensive! But I still love building these mining rigs and the concept of mining as a hobby. Sorry, I know this question came out of left field…


Ok so I think I may be freaking out a bit. Maybe for nothing? Well my 6 card mining rig is drawing 660watts per Hive OS from the cards and from the total rig, probably 750-760 watts. I also have a kill a watt meter and measured it form the wall. The outlet below it has another power surge protector with my xbox one x, 27 inch asus rog strix monitor, and two rokit 5 speakers sitting nearby my mining rig. I measured the watts with all of the xbox stuff on and it draws roughly 125-130 watts. Is this ok? I’m mining in my living room that also has the 65" 4K TV with a xbox one S and Apple TV connected to it. Not sure how much power is drawing from this set up but I assume not as much as the mining rig.

My question is, is this okay or should I move the mining rig to my front living room? I looked at the circuit breaker panel and looks like the front living room is another breaker switch within the same panel.

I guess I’m also worried because I’m getting AC installed brand new in my home in the next couple of weeks. One downstairs is 36,000 BTUs and upstairs is 12,000 BTUs. With this, I hope I’m not overloading the electrical system. Hopefully I’m all good?

I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have gotten into mining and just used that money to buy more bitcoin. FML.