First Patreon Town Hall Successful!


Thanks everyone for joining in on our LIVE Patreon Townhall.

Our first experiment has been complete, and I know that people enjoyed it very much!

It allow us, as the founders, to give directly back to the people who are helping us build our spaceship, asking us direct personal questions, and going even deeper into the details behind how we build this business and how we are growing the cryptonation.

Plus… you get to see @john!!!

Want to join us for our next Patreon-ONLY townhall? Become a Patreon here.

New Discord Server

The screenshot clearly shows my overwhelming excitement.


Loved hanging!


Lol, be careful chewing on that ice bro!


Damn i missed it!! Hope to joi n next time!! :facepunch::muscle::muscle:


had a great time, video feed was a fun surprise!


Thanks for being there! We incrementally improving!


OMG! Did I miss this?
SO much distraction from Lambo and BTC prices skyrocketing.
I am so sorry.
Will catch you all next time for sure!


Watching the replay :slight_smile:
This is so much ! hahaha


Haha damn @peter @john watching the first 5 min of the townhall meeting… I feel bad not joining!! But that is so hilarious haha! "Is anyone comming? …im tired… we have 1 person viewing, but then again it could be me… :joy::joy::joy: You guys rock!! :facepunch::grin::grin:


We experimenting. Is what it is!


Love it man, we are all just regular guys ngals trying to find our way in the cryptoverce. Ill be there on the next townhall. for. sure.!


You get a pass, it was freakin early in the A.M lol! #teamnosleep #pioneers