Fleta Airdrop - starts 1st April

:open_umbrella:JOIN THE FLETA AIRDROP CAMPAIGN​:open_umbrella:

Join in on our FLETA airdrop campaign and earn yourself FLETA tokens for completing small tasks and referring your friends to our Telegram channel https://t.me/FLETAofficialGroup

:point_right: To participate, head over to @fletabot and register your details :point_left:

:trophy:HOW TO EARN :trophy:

1️⃣Register your details with our FLETA Telegram Bot
2️⃣ Join our official Telegram group — 10 FLETA (~$1-USD) Required

3️⃣ Follow us on Twitter — 10 FLETA (~$1 USD)
4️⃣Use your referral link to invite your friends — 10 FLETA (~$1 USD per invite) No Limit


  1. The airdrop campaign will run from 1st April - 29th April 2019.
  2. Distribution of tokens will be in June 2019.
  3. KYC will be required to claim your tokens - Details to come at a later date.
  4. Joining our official Telegram is required to participate in the Airdrop.
  5. There is no limit to the amount of referrals you can invite but users can be disqualified if found to be cheating.
  6. Participants must not be a citizen , national, or resident of or otherwise having a connecting factor to the United States of America, Canada , the People’s Republic of China , or any other country, jurisdiction or territory where the purchase, ownership , usage, and/or promotion of virtual currencies or tokens such as FLETA tokens are prohibited.
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Seems like you’re back for an April fools joke!

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Haha, this is the real deal. Check out the team and project :slight_smile:


But this isn’t a coin review. You need to spend some time actually filling out a coin review. Please.


I don’t think that coin review is coming. Perhaps this can be re-categorized by a mod. :black_flag:

Thanks for sharing @HammerMikk, why not give us a run-down of the project? Referral farming is a little annoying.

For anyone looking to save some time.


I think I’m going to make a call here and close this topic. This strays far away from being a coin review, and we generally don’t allow topics like this on the pub. Feel free to post your thoughts on FLETA without the airdrop/referrals!


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