Football (soccer for you Americans) Thread



Now then,

As @Duttydirtz reminded me how good the World Cup thread was, I thought I would get a Football thread set up for everything football (soccer)

Wether is Premier league, League one, La Liga, MLS it doesn’t matter. All I ask is there is name calling etc. There are other places for that.

So, please feel free to tell us all who your team is and have a general chat about what’s going on in the space.

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So from what I heard the owner of Leicester was on the helicopter during the crash. No survivors!

Craziness man.

Why team are you @maxp?


Meant to be about 8 on board. I’m Donny Rovers fan like what about you?


What a tragedy man. I never trust helicopters! At least with a plane you have a small chance as the plane can glide down. With Heli, only gravity is in control.

Oh nice I recruited for a couple of Food Manufacturers in Donny before.

I’m 31 and from the South so naturally I support Man United :sob::sob::sob::japanese_ogre:


I do have a soft spot for United tbh pal :eyes:


I would say the same about Donny but I’d be lying man


We lost today man, got a new manager this season. Not doing too bad like.

United Everton tomorrow


You can have our manager if you want… Something deeply wrong with United man!


I like Jose tbh. Think he just needs the time. They didn’t buy well at all over the summer. That Dalot is a decent player


He’s good but I’ve never been a fan of his playing style.

Always wanted Guardiola or Klopp but that’ll never happen now. Maybe Zidane?


I don’t think he could save them tbh. Club needs a massive clear out and some big names come in. I think Zidane did well because of the players. Look how shit real have been doing without Ronaldo



I’m blessed to be a Celtic F.C. Supporter. (Hard to believe but I’m a none religious one) :four_leaf_clover:


Take my hat off to the supporters up there man. Proper die hard fans


Don’t forget to put your clocks back :+1:t3:


You getting the United game on @Duttydirtz


No mate at IKEA at the moment. I got IPTV so will be streaming it later


Thanks for this tread @MaxP !! I’m a supporter of NEC. They are from Nijmegen in the east of the Netherlands.

We now play at the 2nd division. After being in the 1st division for many years. Kind of like it because we play on friday evening now. This is the second season I got a season ticket with a group of friends. :beers:


Enjoying those cold nights in the stands!

Real Madrid has a big defeat today. They are not coping well at all under this new manager and no ronaldo


Those nights are the best! Esecially if you go to a warm pub after the game.

Always love to see Suarez play. Hè finally developed himself to a great player.