Forex Hero: Education Game to Learn basics of Currency and Stock Trading

Forex Hero is a friendly and fun educational game for those who want to learn the basics and secrets of currency and stock trading. It features a unique trading simulator, a fun quiz, an illustrated school and an interactive market timing section to find the best times for trading. The game is free of charge, without ads and doesn’t require any investments.

haven’t tried it myself, but, maybe someone here can give a review.

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Nice thx for sharing

Great app for a novice trader! Six years ago, I dreamed of becoming a trader and earning millions of dollars, and I loved playing games like this and feeling like a bit of a professional trader. Such applications not only allowed me to get into the trading system faster but also helped me immediately start earning money and have an understanding of what I’m doing. Such applications are built into many popular trading platforms, such as Fondex global ltd. They allow beginners not to make hasty conclusions and train to sell.

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