Found an old bitcoin wallet backup

Yooooo guys,

Short time lurker here… I recently decided to look through my old harddrives and came across something pretty interesting…

I have a file called ‘Bitcoin wallet backup’.
Judging by the dates, this was from back when I was buying stuff from darkweb.

Because of the size of the file (33kb) and the lack of file extension I’m guessing I encrypted the file somehow?

I’ve tried changing the extension to .dat and open with electrum but it didn’t read the file.

Doubt I’ll be able to recover it but I thought I’d see if you guys had any ideas on how I could open this.

This is what a portion the file looks like in notepad:

Any help would be appreciated / rewarded.


do you have any idea as to what software created the file? or was it just a notepad file you saved?

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maybe this will help:

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Yes, it looks like an encrypted file. You could try decrypting it using openssl. I would try the following:
openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -a -in "Bitcoin Wallet backup"

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Don’t worry. I already did. Thanks for the 78 btc! …zzz


Used openSSL and didn’t get an error… Ended up with a strange filetype that started with

The rest of the file however, is just gibberish and looks like this:
)-Ÿ£±¯³÷ô^%ä?ÃDt‚fÀ€€€ {S!

Don’t know where to go from here

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Did you try and restore it to the wallet like on the video?

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It looks like there are two different type files. One is KeePass which is software that allows you to create and store encrypted passwords:

The other which says Bitcoin Wallet Backup I can’t see the extension so I am not sure what type file that is.

I would say use KeePass first with the .kdb files to get your old password as it is a database file that stores and encrypts multiple passwords. You still have to remember the ‘password’ to unlock the database of stored passwords:
Use this command from the command prompt to open KeePass database:
KeePass.exe “C:\My Documents\MyDatabase.kdb” -preselect:C:\pwsafe.key

This is separate then the encrypted Bitcoin Wallet Backup file.

So here is what I would try:
KeePass.exe “C:\My Documents\MyDatabase.kdb” -preselect:C:\pwsafe.key

The MyDatabase.kdb is the kdb file name the pwsafe.key is the Bitcoin Backup Wallet file location

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Try 7zip and retry by renaming with a new file suffix, i.e. “.zip”, “.7z”, etc. with all of the different supported suffixes. You may have been feeling “half-again too clever” that day…:wink: (this has happened to me…) :joy:

Good luck regardless though, may your btc be many! :call_me_hand:

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Did you try this:


OMG haha I just shot milk out my nose lol!!!


This answer might help you:

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What is the reward? :slight_smile:

  1. Make sure you have exact the wallet file (*.dat).
  2. The passphrase

Those two need to dump the private key.

It works for me with Bitcoin Core 0.8, cause it does not work in new version, 0.14.

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Never give remote access to your computer to somebody you don’t know.


This seemed to work… I have a decrypted .dat file which also gives me (I presume) my 12 word mnemonic phrase.

I don’t have 150+ gb free to download the whole blockchain history, electrum and don’t seem to accept the wallet… Is there another lightweight application which would let me open it?

Thank you guys so much for the help I really appreciate it

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Nevermind… Used the nmemonic phrase with mycelium on my phone…

Nothing in the wallet.
No transactions either.

I’ve never hated myself so much :joy::joy:

Learnt a bit about go language and how backups work so it’s not all bad


We at BitcoinMedic are a team of blockchain experts that are specialized in recovering wallets.

Contact us if you need help!


Hey flip, I just read you post and realized you might have looked it up wrong, sometimes the 12 word mnemonic can read the wrong derivation path and there can be still coins in there.

If you read this let me know, then I could post a detailed description on how to check it.

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