Free copy of Learn you a haskell. A great guide to teach you a coding Language

For anyone interested in learning to code. The following link is for a copy of a book entitled, Learn You A Haskell.

Haskell happens to be the main language that the Cardano platform is built on (if I’m not mistaken). So learning Haskell gives us the opportunity to somehow someway add to Cardano and for those more in the know than I, a chance to help other cryptocurrency platforms grow and improve upon on.

Also, from what I’ve gathered, tends to be one of the more tricky ones. So if your up for learning something new, or give yourself a set of skills that could level you up in the world of coding this might be for you.

I myself have given myself the challenge to learn this so if anyone wants to learn with me and go over it. That would be greatly appreciated.

If any questions should come to mind. Feel free to ask.



Yes… but you should probably give some context to people who have no idea what they are clicking on…

What’s the point?
What’s the value?
What are you trying to provide?


love this so much. thanks for sharing!

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For sure. Dctv, and the pub is where my cryptocurrency journey started. It’s one of the least things I can do. I remember where I came…err started from and where my loyalties are.

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