FREE Crypto, In the Early days there were Faucets and other means of getting Free Crypto

Not sure the correct place for this post. But I know in the early days there was free crypto to be had. It seems that we are still in the Early days. For Example, Ontology offered 1000 coins for Free just for giving them your email. I think we should use the power of to let each other know of such opportunities as they arise. I do not currently know of such an opportunity but I am always up for getting Free coins. More recent examples. BTR, Bitcoin holders could sign and verify for free BTR airdrops. GBYTE had free air drops for almost a year but cancelled the last one. I hope that others see this and we can all get some free crypto. WE also know for instance that ETC will have CLO (callisto) air drop. And that NEO will have an ONT (ontology) air drop to a neo wallet or on Binance of .2 ONT for Every NEO, half of which will be locked up.


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