Free energy for mining rigs?


Ive watched several videos by this guy and studied his equations. If this machine is released in the next couple of months like he said today, it could revolutionize the mining of all coins! Check in to this Peter, its very cool.


Oh no not that guy again. I see him pop up on different websites all the time. If his machine was real he would have died a while back from some mysterious cause. Because he is still alive is proof he is a fraud.


I’ve watched alot of his videos. His analysis seems solid and he shows in multiple video’s the generator actually working. If it’s actually released in next few months, it will change the crypto market over night. Bitcoin would multiply in value overnight due to the energy consumption problems. We should all be hoping that this is real, especially if you own Bitcoin!


Radiant Energy devices have been around since Tesla built one to run his car in 1909.
The “old boys” won’t let it happen, there is too much at stake.

Here’s a little interesting history to read:

There is a lot of suppressed technology, so even if someone comes out with something new, it will disappear. Also, as you say, the ones that don’t disappear tend to be snake oil vendors.

As a side note, ever wondered why they stopped teaching about the “Crystal Radio” at schools?
If you look that one up, also look up what a negative inductor is.
I did Electrical Engineering back in my day when they use to include these subjects, they don’t anymore.

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You got any links to this because I remember building them in school not sure our age difference, but with common core in the US i can see them dropping this as Common Core seems to drop any common sense logic stuff from the curriculum.

Or maybe just some key words for google. I tried a few here but didn’t turn up anything all that interesting or relevant.


They dropped the Crystal Radio from schools around the world.

Can’t have a Radio that works, that you can listen to, that has no power source (no battery).

It like, grabs power from “thin air”.

Take the same concept, but tune it to the frequency of what Tesla thought was the Sun.
That’s what Telsa found out and built his electric car to run on.
Then he realised the car also worked at night, so theorised the Sun was not the “source”.
This is why the Wardenclyffe Tower was abandoned.

Tesla realised, you don’t need a transmitter, one already exists and it is infinite in power. He then discussed this with Einstein and showed various devices that could receive this “wireless power”. It was after those discussions, that Einstein stated that one square inch of space contains the equivalent amount of power as the Sun’s total power burning for 1 Billion years. That one square inch of space contains enough power to run the entire planet electrical needs without even drawing a minuscule percentage of it’s potential.

These are all the suppressed patents marked “classified”.

So if you are investigating any claims of over-unity, it’s not over-unity, it is converting power that already exists as a radiant energy at specific frequencies, to a usable energy at lower frequencies, higher amperage and lower voltage.

The Crystal Radio is actually the key to success, which is why you don’t see it anymore.

Mr John Bedini was a pupil of both Einstein and Tesla and built many working devices in the 1920’s and even improved upon them.

Can’t have an unlimited source of free power, the “old boys” can’t charge you for it, wouldn’t need oil ect. So you can see why it is all buried, it’s all about the money, not technology.

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