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Hey friends

For select projects, we want to send free tweets out to our in house managed 30-50 Twitter accounts that access 75,000+ crypto followers.

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We will select 5 projects that will provide the ideal value and content to our audiences.

We will not tweet about:

  • ico tokens
  • presale or crowdsale
  • crypto coins on the market

We only want products, goods, or services that are related to crypto and/or accept crypto as a payment

Simply respond here with

  1. Company / Project name
  2. Website url
  3. Twitter handle
  4. 1-2 sentences about your product or service

We will announce the top 5 selections soon


Hey, thanks for doing this!

Lynx Art Collection

Twitter Handle: @LynxCollection
Artwork from crypto, space, and science! We make conversation pieces! BTC and other crypto payments are also happily accepted.


Closed. We won’t be offering anything to the pub community moving forward due to negligence of sensorship by a mod.