Fud and advices needed

Needed some fiat before end of the month, so i set sell order earlier in the month for 150€ ltc and 15€ omg during bull run which never gone through.

While btc fail to hit 10k usd and the market headed on slow descend.

Thinking it was just hiccup before consensus 2018, so i keep hodl it while there are still time

And the market did turn into bull run for few days after consensus but ultimately it is bear in disguise

At the current writing of this topic ltc is at 106€ and omg at 9.30€

I am still in positive for both coin and is able to obtain the fiat i need if i sell it now

Here come the question should i sell it now or wait for monday pump

  • Sell now
  • Wait

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All advice is appreciated :+1:


Sell now. There is a saying that you should not invest in what you are not willing to lose


I am prepare to lose what i invested.

Unexpected thing happen and needed some money. In the end will still sell it. It just how much profit

Ltc currently at 160% and omg at 35%

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If you truly need it now then you have your answer. That is something only you can decide. If an unexpected thing happened to me and I needed the money to take care of it I wouldn’t be asking the Pub for advice on what to do as they have no idea what that unexpected thing is or your other situational variable to make an educated decision.


Dont need it now but at the end of the month that why i am still hodl it as it did not reach my sell goal during bull run to ath this month .

In the end as timeline draw near, i am still going to sell it

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If live gives you lemons. You say screw it and make some Pisco Sours. It sounds like you are going to cash out no matter what so I hope when you do, the market is more stable.


Going to have nerve of steel and have 0 regret when selling

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I agree with @Cyber_IO wholeheartedly. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Your crypto gains should only be used to reach your moon goals, not pay for unexpected expenses - that’s what your traditional cash emergency fund is for…

Market sentiment doesn’t go this way for very long without a short (even if short-lived) bounce to the upside, you may be able to catch a bounce by Monday afternoon (EST here). Both OMG and LTC don’t have much % further down to go before we see the holders, but they could always break through previous strong support to the lower lows of a few months. There may be more upside to hold then to sell today. Either way, it’s a gamble and it’s your money if you’re trying to squeeze more value for value’s sake, you may be putting yourself in a worse spot.


just sold my LTC after reaching home and when btc start tanking, not regretting it as it make some good gain 150% :slight_smile:

as for omg i am going to take a chance, worst come to worst i will sell some neo


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