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Watch it and make your opinion… And share other stories too about this or other thank you


But maybe, just maybe but FOMO as well!

And this is actually what one of our Patrons told me 2 days ago, a source of the information and data since - that what’s Peter doing before He will say anything to Us.

I’m not saying that it’s not true, but to be open but also being skeptic.
@andyramankapu on the internet you can find everything but that’s really interesting.

Would you like to do some research on that one and go deeper?
You could share with all of Pubers your research.


My opinion is that Chico’s character and credibility need to be questioned. He’s presenting this information in a way that suggests that he wants attention, and to stir the pot. Reminds me of high school drama queens. He’s drunk in half these videos, makes references to screenshots as ‘proof’ yet denies the screenshots that incriminate him are legit (says the ones about him are photoshoped yet the ones about Vechain are legit), and even uses Trevon James as a reference.

I do however agree that Cream looks shady as fuck, however anything that’s directly VeChain related seems legit to me. I’d invest in VeChain long before I’d listen to a word Chico has to say.


Thank you for the replies it is always good to know how everyone is thinking and seeing a subject


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