Fundamental analysis and mining: market analysis of POW altcoins

Good morning all,

I just wanted to share my research and articles on mining ecosystem and their impact on fundamental analysis and search for lowcap jewels.

These are articles in French. I am unfortunately not good in English, like the majority of French …

You can use “google translation” if you wish.

In any case, I think the analysis of the mining ecosystem is very interesting and can detect promising altcoins. It requires work, like any fundamental analysis, but it’s very interesting.

1st part:

2nd part: -results/

The results of the analysis show that Grin, Beam, and Piratechain (ARRR) are altcoins that are heavily mined by the crypto community. Special mention also for SWAP.

The problem of micro-cap is that they use algorithms not listed on “Nicehash” and it is difficult to assess the cost / investment needed to reach their rate of hashrate. As I am not a minor, I do not have the skills to make relevant assessments.

I would have liked, for example, to analyze Snowblossom, Mochimo, Arrow, Bitcash, Veil or Sinovate, …

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