So last night I transferred some ETC to my wallet and being the paranoid person I am when it comes to transfers, I decided to check my wallet and for confirmation

My wallet did not receive the ETC! I visited gastracker and their homepage was stuck trying to load the latest blocks:

I decided to check my wallet address on gastracker to see if the funds were in transit and ALL of my transactions were showing up as “Unconfirmed”:

NOTE: Ya, I is been hodling bags 'o that ETC! :sunglasses::etc::moneybag:

Anyways, this morning I checked my wallet and it reflects the additional ETC that was supposed to be transferred last night. Gastracker’s homepage still isn’t loading and my wallet history on gastracker still shows “unconfirmed” on all transactions. My last transaction on gastracker shows 3 days ago, but my funds were transferred to my wallet at 2:46am this morning and does not show up. Upon checking the transaction hashes of each “Unconfirmed” transaction, it shows the transaction was verified and has thousands of confirmations.

So gastracker has glitched out somewhere. I’m not sure if the Coinbase news which triggered tons of transactions contributed to this. But it was an observation that I felt was worth mentioning.

Ethereum Classic Finally gets Added to Coinbase

Seems to be back up now: