Gbear Cottage two week sprint review

Today is our two week sprint review where we met as a family and talk about what has happened, good and bad, in the past to weeks. I wanted to share with you what my kids and I accomplished and learned from these past two weeks.

It started in November when someone in discord suggested that someone should make a Yeni ornament. On Thursday November 29th I posted saying that my kids and I had an idea for an ornament and if anyone would be interested if we made them. I got a few that said they would so Friday November 30th we started our two week sprint.

What we accomplished:
Product design - 3D ornaments, mini ornaments, t-shirt, stocking
Packaging design
Product creation - assemble of 100 3D ornaments, 100 mini ornaments
Set up with shopify
Set up printify account for t-shirt and stockings
Package ornaments
Product pricing (6yr old want 1 bitcoin per ornament, we talked him down on the price.)
Shipping and handling

What we learned:
1- Cramming 90 days worth of work into two weeks is hard both physically and mentally.
2- To maintain morale and physical health, set a clock-in/clock-out time. That way we are able to sharpen our saws as we go without burning ourselves out.
3- Set things that need to be done down into a priority chart. Then assign those priorities times and “to be done by” dates on the calendar. That way we know which priority due dates are coming up.
4- Any “SAMPLE” products MUST be completed first (packaging and all), regardless of if any other products are completed, and MUST be sent to their perspective sponsors before their deadline.
5- Set a priority chart for household duties and a daily/weekly schedule for when those duties need to be done by. That way those performing household duties are sure they haven’t missed anything.
6- Set a rotation into play so that those doing household duties don’t get burned out on doing household duties alone and so that production team members are able to get their household duties (like laundry) done too.
7- The longer you do something without a reward the harder it is to maintain morale to finish the project.
8- Plan time for unplanned mishaps and illness.
9- It’s ok to pivot when situations arise. Adapt and overcome.
10- We REALLY want a 3D printer!

I am SO proud of my kids and what was accomplished! Come what may, we can say we did it!

Our finished products:

:christmas_tree:Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the Gerber Family!:christmas_tree:


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