Gem App - "the best crypto portfolio tracker"?

I just came across an app called “Gem” after browsing an article on hackernoon called “Top 5 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers For Everyday Use”

I have no idea if it’s legit.

There isn’t much press or reviews for the app itself, except in the app store.

However, I find it appealing because (1) it can automatically sync your assets, balance, and trade history through API’s, (2) has a simple UI, and (3) the team has plans to add a wallet in 2019.

However, my first and foremost concern is safety.

Can anyone lend their thoughts or experience to the app?



is this the one you’re talking about?

as you can see, i’ve been testing it out via testflight.


I cannot comment for this app but I am a big fan of and their API setups for automatic tracking of trades, deposits, and the like.

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That’s the one! Would love to hear your feedback after your test.

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