Gemini is pending wire transfers and not giving reason

I recently submitted 2 wire transfers (22-Dec and 25-Dec) using DBS Remit one-day transfer (not those 3 days ACH transfer) but apparently Gemini had changed its ABA routing number and is not using the ABA routing number of its intermediary bank but only accepts the ABA routing number of its receiving bank.

However, the wire transfers are successfully submitted by my DBS bank to Gemini’s bank. When it took 7 days and still pending in my account, I checked with my bank and there is no news or status of the wires from Gemini’s intermediary bank of rejecting or processing the wires.

Gemini support is not responding to my emails and is giving canned replies that is not helpful.

I like to know if anyone is facing the same situation as me and if they got their wires refunded back to their account and how long that took. Or you’re still awaiting and worrying what happened to your funds?

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I have the same issue. I made a wire transfer 1 week ago and it’s still now there in my account yet. Emailed them twice and no response.

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I was worried about sending fiat to Gemini after seeing these comments but with the dip in progress I had to do a bank transfer since the Hong Kong exchanges were not working and took a really long time to process deposits. ( I wonder why since they do not exactly have a large amount of trades on their exchanges).

I was very pleasantly surprised that my TT was send midday on Tuesday and had arrived at Gemini’s bank and was processes ready for me to trade on the exchange with by 4am. so it only took a total of 16 hours for the transfer to be actioned and me picking up some cheap BTC…

Hats off to the Winklevoss twins for this one…

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