Gemini wants to know what you're up to!

Anybody else get an email from Gemini that reads like this?


After reviewing your account, we noticed that you have developed a pattern of deposits and withdrawals with >relatively little trading. Could you please provide an explanation for this activity? Also, could you please >provide a brief projection of your intended activity on Gemini for the near future?

Onward and upward,

Team Gemini

Gemini Trust Company, LLC
(d/b/a Gemini Exchange, LLC in AK, DE, ID, KY, MA, ND, NM, OH, OR, SD, UT, VA)
600 Third Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10016
+1 (866) 240-5113

I replied and said it’s their own fault by limiting me to $500 deposits.


I would say that I am funding terrorists, drug cartels and hitmen with their service… :troll:
It’s none of their business what I’m doing with MY money! :sunglasses: :pdealwithit:

I’m not on Gemini tho.


You should reply them: Are you trying to pull a Facebook on me?

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