Genesis Mining is back!


Bitcoin contracts are back! Finally, after waiting so long Genesis Mining brought back the Bitcoinmining contracts. The last time they had the BTC contracts they were sold out after only 72 hours! If you want an upgrade for your Bitcoin hash power you should be fast. I will upgrade some hashes too if I didn´t already.

But why are the Bitcoin contracts so popular? First of all they are extremely profitable in comparison to ethereum or monero contracts. While ETH or XMR are profitable after 660 days or 550 days, BTC breaks even after only 220 days (source: The contracts are not limited to two years like Ethereum, they run for a lifetime as long as they are profitable! In my opinion this will be a long time for Bitcoin.

If you choose to upgrade your Bitcionmining contracts I would very much appreciate it if you use my 3% discount code: j6KVGt

How long do you think will the BTC contracts last this time? I think they will be sold out soon like the last time if you see the rush on them on the social media platforms.


I bought a 30TH contract (BTC) this morning and despite it not starting until end of Feb I am very excited to see how much that will equate to in BTC terms…


I also got 300 H of Monero and same for Zcash. Just to experience the difference really…


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