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Hello Guys,

I just got into the crypto currency world a few weeks ago, It’s crazy the amount of emotional thinking out there without taking a step back to make sure the project sounds good and most importantly the valuation is right.

I have discovered peter’s videos not too long ago, he talks about the fundamentals, the technology how it works, but I have been pretty surprised to see the fundamental analysis in the pub empty, does it mean people don’t care about how much is a project actually worth?

I created this topic to see if there is any one interested in discussing the valuations of the projects and the crypto currency company, I mean the goal of investing is to make money, but if we buy too high, we risk to be alone when to music stops.

Let me know guys what you think, and if you know any valuation methodology that could be applied, From my side I see only relative valuations methods or options valuations as many projects are still ongoing and we need to take into account the fact that maybe it won’t be completed.

Waiting for you thoughts guys, and let’s put our emotions aside and be more critical.

Have a good day


You mean like this?


Would love to see how you go about this. @Peter’s post and spreadsheet does hit on fundamentals but it doesn’t touch on financial valuations. I think this will be tough because Crypto’s are not a company with assets and liabilities for the most part even though there are some companies behind them like Omise or Ripple,

I and many others are probably not well enough versed in financial valuations other than looking at supply and market cap which is very basic.

Please share your findings and results would love to learn.

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I mean more like a discussion on a specific project with follow ups since the valuation changes as new information appears, from the fundamental point of view. I don’t know if I made myself clear :smiley:

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Thanks Nekko for your answer,

I agree that It’s going to be tough, but at the end of the day It has to be a way to decide if the price you are paying is cheap or high.

Can cash flow valuations be applied, do the cryptocurrency companies have cashflows or will have cashflows in the future? I mean they have to in some way to continue to exist, how will they make money and how do their token relate to their ability to make profits? all we have right now are stories we would probably have to make many assumptions as there are many uncertainties.

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