Get on the train before it leaves the station!



The article is a 4 minute read guys… a nice primer on some of the stuff going on with VTC.

Always DYOR, but I’ve really fallen in love wtih the VTC community, roadmap, devs, etc. There’s a lot of positive energy surrounding the coin, but its really the entire dev team that has me super bullish in the long term.

They are hyper focused on building a strong currency, (and less on hype/marketing) and I’m seriously getting some LTC vibes from everything surrounding VTC.

Some of my personal highlights on things I like:

  1. They are trying to keep VTC mining in the hands of the individual, it’s been a clear focus and one of the reasons they are using ASIC resistant algos for their hashing.

They’ve just released a one-click miner (still in beta) that makes it stupid simple to mine VTC as well. One of their devs has also released a super optimized version of CCMiner specifically for mining VTC.

  1. The devs are constantly giving updates and helping out the community in their Discord channel.

  2. The devs are public about their roadmap and progress:

  3. The devs are actually getting shit done. More elbow grease, and less bullshit hype === NOICE.

  4. Atomic Swaps with LTC were completed a little while ago, they are currently working on adding back privacy features, etc. (Check the Trello board for details, it’s all there)

Check out the Reddit community here:

It’s a good coin with a lot of promise, IMO. But I honestly just really, really love the idea of building a baller ass product first, and then marketing the hell out of it after it’s solid. Kind of the opposite of what a lot of shitcoins do these days. I’m not even looking at the charts, I’m just buying/mining and holding VTC for at least a year or two.


TLDR; The train is still being filled with coal, DYOR, you’ve time. :slight_smile:


This whole thing about needing a summary about the post is whack. You guys need to put forth at least a tiny bit of effort. I am already being cool by posting some knowledge for you. If you can’t be bothered to click a link, read an article or watch a vid, that’s cool, but maybe you don’t deserve the knowledge then.

I don’t feel it’s my responsibility to write up a cute little summary for you because you are to lazy to move your mouse and click a link. I am already putting the effort in to share a piece of info to help people and enrich the community.

It makes for an unpleasant experience to post something I find value in and know others will find value in, and instead of finding engaging responses about what was posted, I get intellectually lazy bitching about how I didn’t spoon feed you enough.

It’s happened several times, and it’s pretty lame in my opinion. I get that you’re busy and your time is valuable, but so am I and so is mine.


Sorry man. But actually, within the Pub we actually want to be better than Reddit.

Part of starting the Pub was to create some social norms that makes us BETTER than other forums. Meaning, we are here to help others. We see you doing that, and we thank you.

But if you search for “tl;dr” you’ll find we have been asking people to do this since day 1.

Going the extra mile makes us better as a community. We want people to come to this community and say: “damn. This community is really tight-knit and super helpful in ways that other forums would never be!” (Which, btw, I’ve received comments many times on already!)

I appreciate your understanding! Our cryptonation is the best!


I’ll agree, I’ve hear good things about this coin lately. I think its greatest innovation right now is the 1 click miner. Not to belittle the coin’s fundamentals but this is unheard of right now. A simple, easy to use miner that anyone can utilize will do wonders for every coin in crypto. So much mining would occur and that would make the coins truly decentralized.

I’ll probably download the vert miner this weekend.


While I appreciate that it may feel condescending and wasteful of your time, it’s not necessarily about catering to lazy people. It provides a disincentive to people just dumping random links who haven’t actually processed the content therein, or truly value that information themselves. If it’s truly worthwhile, you can see that’s the case by virtue of the fact that the person sharing the link has invested their time in giving a summary and if someone feels that info might be of value to themselves they can read the original article themselves.

It also helps that person that has shared the link to in truly taking in what that content is by paraphrasing / rephrasing it. It’s absolutely good practice from multiple perspectives, both cognitively and in relation to creating as rewarding an experience for all concerned within the community.

I’m trying to remember whether I’ve been guilty myself of link-dumping here now…


Has anyone calculated yet if its even profitable to mine it now?


I’ve never mined a crypto before, how does it work? I need to look into this after work today. Any info you may have would be greatly appreciated :smile:


Good place to start, im slowly reading up myself. There will be a live build of mining rig this month for patreon subscribers. Not in my budget this month to pick up hardware but i’m still going to follow along.


Check out the Vert Coin 1-Click Miner Beta on Github


profitability is dependant on a ton of factors.

it might be a huge profit for some (hundres or thousands a month) while that same right might lose money for others.

my mining guide for dummies linked above covers this and how to determine if its profitable for you.


Seeing your post here, I actually go back to check my Vert order history. I had some from few years ago that I collected back in 2015. :sunglasses::crazy_face:
And as I’m tying this it’s taking off! 20%! whao…o!


I just got on board mining Vertcoin! How long does it usually take to see something hit your wallet?


There are 2 ways:

  1. enable the “show CLI” in the settings
  2. from view menu go to Web interface. I suggest running a local pool, i run it myself. Have the wallet open while running the pool.


how do you setup the local pool i had vertcoin core downloaded


depend the minimum payout i get is 0.0278 vtc


It goes up and down, sometime i can get 0.1 each hour and then it goes 0.06 and up. Difficulty changes after 50 block or something.
Mine 1 full day to determine how much you get.


I mined for 24 hours and got absolutely zero. Nothing in my wallet. Makes you wonder if it is even working. Is my has just way too low to see any returns in a day?


yup it will prob take a week or 2 for your payout


it also depends on the pool you’re mining - I got 3 payouts quickly from one a few days back, changed wallets and have run different pools for 12 hours with no payout. I’ve been running the latest OCM pool for 26 hours with ~1200 confirmations but no payout yet. Is there a way to check payout times on the pools from the OCM? Or by IP somewhere? Tx