🎁 Airdrops galore!

I found another good website that is trying to collect informations about token Airdrops:



Wow… There are a lot.
Felt like need to create a new ‘‘internet profile’’ for enter to them.email, eth adress, twitter,facebook, etc…


@peter seems to have an uncanny ability to choose solid coins. I’m excited about this one, too.


Quoting from https://airdrops.me

“Airdrop coin or Crypto airdrop means that a Cryptocurrency project is giving away their coins for free. The way it works at bare minimum level is you provide your Crypto wallet address(e.g. Ethereum address) and the new coins just gets added to your address. Airdrops are done primarily to create a buzz and building communities.”_

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Its really a horrible way to create a community.
I am very interested in an ICO called SHIVOM. They have approx 1500 members in their telegram and growing naturally. They now announced an airdrop 1 week ago, worth 12$ ( which is significant for an airdrop ).
The Telegram exploded from 1500 members to over 30k members in 1 week…
Now, the telegram if spammed with GIF´s, and people asking WHEN AIRDROP WHEN AIRDROP.
NO one read the whitepaper, NO one is interested in the project, and 99% will leave after they get their coins.

Marketing departments of ICO´s or coins organizing an airdrop for growing their community are oblivious on how these things work. What a shame!

( Sorry for my COMPLETELY random rant on your post HAHA )


Yes, of-course this is far from ideal but thing is that most of the crypto startups want a fast growth instead os slow n steady one. You can’t really blame these projects as many of them are in there just for making quick buck. Projects which are focussed on tech and product know that the community can come later when they see a product worth investing in.


The thing is, they don´t make any money with it, AND their communication channels get clugged. Then i would imagine its better to give a % bonus tokens for the people actually buying it. Now the Telegram is filled with Airdrop bots who will never pay for a single coin.

Oh well. Guess your right and they are not really bothered.


I think you are going to see more airdrops going forward, as more exchanges embrace them immediately as ICOs recoup money because of pressure from the SEC…I’m sure once the U.S and other countries step 100% into this game, you will see a significant stop on “pre-ico” investments especially from a public access. It’s just another way for ICOS to get around regs-which are definitely coming… Taxation was the first step…More ads for Airdrops- where, when and how…

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Would be sweet if wallets somehow implemented lightning or something to allow you to sweep/convert all your airdrops into BTC or LTC with single press of a button.
Basically like sweeping all dust into dustpan, applying immense heat and pressure and spitting out a diamond.


No need to apologize there :slight_smile:
I can confirm from my own experiences:

  • People on these telegram channels are indeed really annoying.
  • They don´t even bother to read a pinned message which would answer 4/5 of their questions.
  • Spamming channels with referral links to the next exciting altcoin/airdrop/fakecoin/shitcoin.

The whole bounty campaign thing has gone totally out of control


  • scammers which may or may not impersonate admins
  • scam bots
  • data collection
  • when lambo?
  • when exchange?
  • when airdrop?
  • what coin price after airdrop?

So in any case if one must participate in all of this telegram madness


Did you claim the BCA? (I haven´t yet)
I read that previously it was done using coinomy wallet but it the BCA team
has released their own wallet eventually.

BTCP was cool I bumped my returns with some ZCL, maybe you have seen this topic

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that would be cool but you are implying that all these can be sold at some point. :unsure:
some may never be listed on an exchange.
Getting a coin listed on an exchange is really really expensive! these days
If you are doing an ICA* only you don´t have that kind of money.
I mean as opposed to an ICO, where you would have raises a couple of million marketing budget over night if your ICO stroy was cool enough :stuck_out_tongue:

'* see What Is an Initial Coin Airdrop?

EDIT: Actually I am finding out that there have been some interesting products built around this idea:
Look at this and that


yo man, yeah i received BCA and dumped them all already from Yobit

Still waiting for Okex to give, and can later claim some from BTC that had cold stored

BCA sold for $50-100 at the beginning when first given from Yobit


For those of you who dont want to be following 10 Airdrops channels pick ones that filter like https://t.me/Airdropstopchoice


Yesterday I spend some hours trying too get some airdrop based on the list of https://airdrops.live/
I probably did 10 or 15 coins all ICO but you get your coins when the ico is done. You follow their twitter / telegram for most of it, for some you speak with a BOT. Probably 25 $ worth of coins


You can also do pretty much the same on earn.com plus you get $1 of btc every time you do one :slight_smile:

blatant shilling of referral link earn.com/crackton/referral/?a=w5ls55vbux72oixm


Yeah I am on earn.com as well.
I recommend to remove the ref link.

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I’m not on my computer until tomorrow and I don’t know my password :see_no_evil::joy:


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