Girlfriend broke up with me because of Crypto... GUESS WE WON'T SEE HER ON DA MOONNN

What up guys! Just thought is share this in case anyone else if dealing with the same thing. I’ve been doge deep in the Crypto space for the last 6 months and just recently go into trading somewhat regularly. I won’t lie, its taken over life outside of work because I can only crypto after work! She said I don’t give her enough time and I should not worry so much about making the money I have been (Excuse me?). I’m not even upset because if she can’t see how important this space is to me then she isn’t down for the long haulll. Glad we got this over now and not later. I wish anyone luck who is dealing with relationship problems due to good ol btc. Just remember to go with your gut and make your life what YOU want! Love you guys.




“heard you were rich, wanna hang out?”


is this true? #golddiggeralarm


Hopefully this development is right… Dont crush your relationships, because of this addictive topic.
It triggers the same receptors then drugs, like cocain etc.- The possibility to making quick money can be unhealthy. And maybe at the end, you will understand that a relationship is way more than quick money.
Enjoy also free time, other important tasks of life and follow hard rules.



Man, I wish all the best for your future, but what good is wealth if we can’t enjoy it in good health with the ones we love.

There are two sides to this thing. First, we must be persistently gritty and work hard now to make our future better. Second, wealth shouldn’t be the target, but a means to live a better life. Maybe what our partners need to be understanding about is that we’re grinding for the sake of a better future. However, we should also understand that we might not have a second chance to live the moments we missed, so seize the day when it’s one of those we’d regret missing.


my wife divorced because i worked too much. that was way before the hype. now i have a lovely girlfriend who accepts me being focused on work + trading 7 days a week. she even allows me to go to strip clubs and shit with my buddies, i dont have to hide anything.


She will be back when you on the moon. By that time you’ll have something far greater. Freedom.


Showing this post to my fiancee anytime she hears me talking about POWR and ADA. #winning


The other day my fiancee asked me about finance and trading advice with crypto. I also run my own startup and she sees the grind.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to the patterns in crypto and in relationships. There are signs everywhere.


Companions leave in a snit of drama and selfishness, but down the road they come to their senses and realize their mistake. They. Always. Come. Back.


My motto? You get ONE chance. Don’t fuck it up.


Here’s a very good read for anyone.


Funny, my wife has never loved me more since getting a glimpse of crypto portfolio. :laughing:


There are some good points in that article that I relate to. And I’m so tired of teaching, let me tell ya, and I’m not saying this arrogantly, but I feel like I’m on a different level in so many ways (integrity, passion, communication, goals, crypto, etc :slight_smile: ) than most men I’ve encountered in today’s dating world. Not that I haven’t found anyone that I connect with amazingly, but as the article points out, people conceal their true selves and misrepresent who they are, and you don’t find these things out right away. And then we have the problem of FOMO that hinders weak minds from committing to just one person at a time, thanks in part to social media. Etc. If everyone would be open, honest, and forthcoming, imagine how much easier it would be to find someone worthy!

Still, I DO believe in relationships. It’s going to take someone very special to get into one again for me. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of these: :frog:



livin the dream I see? :smiley:


She’ll be back.


If your girlfriend is getting sick of the cryptos and feels like she isn’t having an intimate time with you anymore, maybe she is just trying to express her frustration that she misses you and the times that you use to share. So, maybe y’all can chat, show her how the crypto is growing and can make for a more comfortable life, then have an intimate time and tell her you want to see if she has any bitcoins hidden, LOL.


Crazy. My girlfriend is who told me about it, and has only ever encouraged greater investment. She even puts her own money in. We lost a ton in the bittrex crash during the Bitcoin Cash rally, and she didn’t care…I hope that’s more common than relationships ending…don’t forfeit human connection for a shot at millions.


As cool as you tried to package this, you were in the wrong. Your gf didn’t break up because of crypto, she broke up because of your addiction to cryptos. So, your title was misleading and you were trying to justify your addiction.

Spending time with family and loved ones is of utmost importance. No material things can ever supersede that. Many people have said the same thing in this thread too. Even Steve Jobs on his death bed admitted to the importance of family relationships over all the accolades he had ever accumulated.

Oh, by the way, your ex-gf may end up with another guy who is also an crypto investor, yet not neglecting to spend time with her. So, she may still see you on the MOON, but with her loved companion. Just saying! :sunglasses:


It’s a blessing in disguise that your ex-gf left you. :slight_smile:

On a serious note, if your ex-gf doesn’t support your passions, then maybe she wasn’t the right one for you.


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